The G+G Story

Grace + Glamour Boutique was a dream I often fantasized over.  In these dreams, I was the proud owner of my very own boutique. This boutique was unique because unlike many others, it catered to all women of all body types.

This dream really resonated with me, because I have struggled with my body image most of my life. I have yo-yo'd between weight gain and weight loss, broad shoulders, and big hips. This always made purchasing trendy clothes a challenge; it was even harder to purchase affordable trendy clothes. Having this experience, I feel I know the horrors many women face when shopping. This also allows me to purchase inventory that empower everyone with CONFIDENCE and JOY.

While sick with Covid, my husband encouraged me to just take a leap of faith. In 2020, I finally turned my make-up business into a boutique. Grace + Glamour gained its name from the morals and confidence I feel all people should carry themselves with. G+G gained the word Grace from my faith. God comes before all else, and I give Him all the glory and thanks for all of my many, many blessings. G+G had to include the word Glamour simply because we all need a little Southern Glamour in our lives. 

Grace + Glamour Boutique is a small, family owned business with big goals and dreams. I hope to bring that sweet Georgian hospitality and charm to your shopping experience.  I am so thankful for your support and for God's many blessings already.  If you loved your experience with G+G, please share your excitement with your friends. 

If you find yourself wanting to support our small business and mission, remember support is not always monetary. We appreciate love in support in many other methods and here are a few of our favorites. Allen and I are always so grateful for prayers over our family and business. We also greatly appreciate shares on our social media: Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I absolutely adore reviews of your experience and even our products. I love hearing of your experience and the joy it brings you!




When you shop with Grace + Glamour Boutique, these are the faces that curated each collection, hand package each order, personalize each package, and most importantly we ship each order with many prayers and love. Thank you so much for supporting our family and our dreams!